This short film tells the story of accessibility and finding personal freedom from physical barriers through the mountain bike, the trail, and the river. Even without fully functioning legs, the fluid motion of the hand cycle combined with the trail and meandering trout stream create a deep sense of rhythm.

Jake is an outdoor enthusiast, and in a wheelchair. He pursues an independent life style in and around his home town of Telluride, Colorado. The community is serviced by a free, green, and accessible gondola transportation system.

Off The Hook is upbeat and close up, depicting a better than average day in the life of Jake. From bed, to wheelchair, to hand cycle, he makes his way onto pristine Rocky Mountain fly fishing waters via mountain bike trails. Like the river, his journey flows and turns, can be fast or quiet, and in this moment, if he manages to catch a fish or two, that would be "off the hook!"


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