How was I going to portray what downtown Salt Lake City meant to me in 90 seconds or less? The city's skyline alone is what motivated me to move here. Two buildings instantly came to mind: the capitol and the library. Two iconic feats of architecture, set on opposite sides of the city. In between them was countless landmarks. How could I tell a short story and pack in so much imagery from a downtown that has so much to show?

Right away, the bike idea came to mind. The tougher part was figuring out why somebody would be blasting through downtown at night and ending their trip at the library. After some brainstorming, the idea for "Late Book" was born.

Shot over two nights in downtown Salt Lake City, UT.

Directed, shot, and edited: Tim Jones (

Bicycling: Brody Leven (

Production Assitants: Scott Megan, David Wintzer


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