Shot on Flaat

Lots of lessons learnt from shooting this one:
* when shooting at a club, you're aiming for low-key, so you don't need a lot of light
* if you can talk to the management, don't ask them to throw more light, ask them to throw more smoke
* if you bring a torch, it can look like people are dancing in their living room
* try to get your subjects backlit, it looks A LOT better than front lit
* flares are your friends, let those colorful lights hit the lens (unless they are lasers! those can kill the sensor!)


Sony NEX-5N + SpeedBooster
Leitz Summilux 50mm f/1.4
Shot almost entirely at ISO 1600, with tungsten WB and aperture ranging from f/1.4 to f/2.8 (equivalent to f/1.0 and f/2.0 with the SpeedBooster)
Image basically straight off the camera: I just applied some curves to DARKEN all the shots (after seeing the clips in the PC, I think I could easily have shot this at ISO 800 and f/2.0-2.8).


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