The Food Group

What is branding? It's certainly not about you. But it is about what you value. Branding is standing beside the things that symbolically point to what you value. What you find to be true, good, and beautiful helps reveal who you are. Branding is revealing what you love to express who you are, knowing that others love the same things, too. A shared love can created trust. And trust is what brands are built on.

Blue Ocean Ideas filmed "What Is Branding?" at Woodberry Kitchen in the summer of 2013. Our hope is to give our clients better insight into how we work and to assist everyone communicating more beautifully and meaningfully.

Blue Ocean Ideas
Tell your story well

Written by Brody Bond
Directed & edited by Brian Wilcox
Additional camera support provided by Lee Morton & Brandon Marsh
Sound mixed by John Cotter

We help organizations tell the truth about who they are, faster. Blue Ocean Ideas is a full-service brand development creative agency in Baltimore, MD.


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