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While using our new FS700 with the MōVI M10, we shot the new promo for this year's "The West Leadership Conference." The conference itself features speakers like Rick Taggert, Christy Whitney, Dave Beck, Paul Watson, Nate Ralston, and a entrepreneurs panel discussion including Justin Nordine & Seth Schaeffer.

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Using the Canon C300 and RED cameras on almost all of our productions in the past, our team wanted to see how the FS700 could hold up in finishing. We haven't thoroughly tested our Convergent Design 7Q with the FS700, so this was all recorded to the internal SD card of the FS700.

The benefits to the slow motion was a no-brainer, but we weren't sure of the FS700's flexibility and strength in normal-use situations. Although the image "doesn't hold a candle" to that of our other cameras' clarity & resolution, we're quite pleased with the finished look and ease of attaining it.

120 frames per second and 240 fps paired with Freefly's MōVI M10, we felt the movements became magical. We were able to use the MoVI in 3 operator mode to stabilize shooting out of a car (1:20), and also create a high speed dolly feel by running with the camera next to the ground for most of the other shots.

Production note: Not all shots were on the MōVI. The end frame behind the logo and the first two shots were hand held. All realtime shots were done handheld to create a more honest feel.

We used the Metabones Speedbooster with various EF mount lenses including the 24mm 1.4, 35mm 2.0, and a Nikon 50 1.4 IS (with an adapter mess: nikon -> EF -> Speedbooster -> E).

Script by Carrington Schaeffer & Brian Watson
Score by Danny Odom (Mode on
Voice Over: Jess Rigg
Mikie Eaton: Actor
Produced by Brian Watson
Cullen Purser was our unexpected hand and foot model for the first two shots.
Director / DP Seth Schaeffer

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