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I had the privilege of working with Evernote in August 2012 and creating motion graphics for their 2012 Evernote Trunk Conference. The ETC was a full day of sessions, workshops and discussions in San Francisco, with the aim of helping people take advantage of all that Evernote has to offer.

I was asked to create motion graphics for 5 different areas of the conference:

1. Speaker Intros - these were used to introduce all of the speakers on stage during the ETC. In total I created 39 different speaker titles, with 3 different intro themes depending on who the person was, an Evernote employee, Ambassador or finalist in the DevCup.

2. Evernote App & 'Did You Know?' Promos - these videos were used in a loop which was shown on various screen at different times outside of the sessions during the conference. Their purpose was to showcase the other Apps that Evernote has, and inform people on various things that they might not know about Evernote.

3. Session Countdown - this was a 20 minute countdown video that was used during breaks to countdown to the next session.

4. Agenda Screens - these were animated videos showing the schedule throughout the day. We only showed 3 or 4 sessions on screen at a time, and these updated during the day so they were always showing the current sessions.

5. Evernote DevCup Teaser Promo - they were announcing the winner of their 2012 DevCup at the ETC, and they wanted a 30second teaser promo which would show some of the videos sent in by various applicants.

This project was a great one to work on. I love using Evernote and so being able to work with them on motion graphics for the ETC was great! They were very happy with all the videos I made, and the ETC was a great success.

These are edited highlights of some of the work I created.

Motion Graphics created in Adobe After Effects CS 5.5


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