Sony NEX-FS700 User Group

Shot a little while after the other slow motion videos, I chose to do everything at 200fps to maintain the full 1080 quality. Shot on a very rainy day, up a hill, in the woods. The grading is a bit heavier that the Trees video, with colour saturation turned up, softness and blur added to the image too. The sound design was completed with a number of iPad apps and Adobe Audition. Brian Eno's Scape and Spacewiz were used to create generative backgrounds, Sunrizer was used to create sweeps and spot sounds, Jasuto was used for the screeching sounds, iPulsaret was used for the buzzing glitchy sounds, vocals were from sound cloud processed in Audition.

Camera Hire
Jasuto Synth
iPulsaret Synth
Sunrizer Synth
Space Wiz Synth
Brian Eno Scape


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