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Two years ago we embarked on a trip to Barga, Italy where our niece's wedding was to take place. They rented a beautiful villa on top of a mountain and was the common meeting ground for two families, from Canada and Belgium.Being a photographer by trade, I offered my services to take stills of the event. Having newly acquired a Nikon D3s, which shot video as well as stills, I decided last minute to shoot video as well. With technology rapidly changing and a deep interest in film, I wanted to adapt with the times to accommodate the changing needs of my clients(although this was a family event). I had no other equipment other than camera and lenses, not even a tripod. It is now more than two years later and I am finally cutting this as we will be meeting with the wedding couple and half the people who were there.I was at first a little nervous in putting this story together as I remember what I had gone through in shooting this. I shot the entire event handheld, trying to focus a small image back of camera, and I was switching back and fourth between stills and video.I will never attempt this again. As the story was coming together, I came to realize that the most important thing when shooting is "CONTENT". It is nice to have all these film making gadgets to enhance your shots, but don't forget, What and Why we are shooting. In these situations you should put your ego aside and remember, it's their story , not ours.
TECHNICAL : Shot with a Nikon D3s,24-85 nikon lens, put clips through FimConvert using Nikon D800 profile, some enhancements with Magic Bullet Looks
MUSIC : La Vie En Rose, Louis Armsrong, Pavarotti,Chitarra Romana, La Vie En Rose,Edith Piaf

j vimeo.com/71503949

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