5D Fusion Wedding Photography & Videography

Nazlin & Kevin
December 13/2008
Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas

This is the first time I really had a chance to test the video capabilities of the MK2, so I shot various clips throughout the day in addition to the regular photo shoot. All of the clips were shot handheld, usually with default aperature and high iso. Most of the rooms were very dark, and this is where the video really shines, it's quite viewable. Overall I was very impressed, and this is with the most basic setup. No gyroscopes, tripods, external accessories.

Lens used in the video:
24mm TiltShift
24-70 f2.8

The raw video was processed through AVS4YOU and then edited in Pinnacle Studio. No alterations whatsoever. Clipped and stitched, that IS all. Some of it is shakey because..well..handheld and a tired hands :).

j vimeo.com/2617156

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