This is 'Gloob stack 2', an interactive, colour changing light sculpture that I made...

33cm x 32cm

Frosted acrylic, clear acrylic tube, clear acrylic, aluminium rod, anodised aluminium, colour changing LED light source (remote controlled).

Gloob stack 2 is an interactive, colour changing light sculpture. The main section of the sculpture consists of 19 individually handcrafted frosted acrylic pieces. Housed in the anodised aluminium base is a colour changing LED light source. The light that is projected upwards from the base of the sculpture is diffused across the surface of the acrylic pieces. Each of the acrylic pieces can be independently rotated, enabling a variety of patterns to be created. Gloob stack 2 has a specially designed remote control unit that enables the adjustment of the brightness and the selection of 17 different colours and 4 different pre-set sequences: ‘flash’, ‘strobe’, ‘fade’ and ‘smooth’. In this video the light sculpture is set to the ‘smooth’ sequence.

Check out my website if you would like to see more of my art: futuretro.co.uk

j vimeo.com/16797128

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