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This video is made for the final exam of the course Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps offered by Dr Marco Gillies, Dr Matthew Yee-King, Dr Mick Grierson on

My project is based on the player presented by the professors. I tried to get part of it, add some features to it and combine it with what we learned in the first weeks.

This is only a start of a bigger project. I took only a part of the project of the professors to be able to concentrate on what i've changed.

Here is what I did in few lines:

- The project includes only one MIDI sequence

- Two sounds for drums to get some beat

- In addition to the audio effects presented by the professors I added two effects described in the following two points

- The baility to change the speed of the playback based on the framerate

- The ability to change the notes range applied on the MIDI notes

- Playback of the note "0" have been disabled so that the user can add silence into the MIDI sequence i.e. when the note "0" is enabled in the sequencer slider, no sund will be played on that note

- An animation screen is also added wich can be enabled via a button (upper right corner)

- In the animation screen there is the ability to change the release and the filter sound effects via mouse position

- The MIDI sequence field and the beat fiels have been divided visually to four vertical fields to make it easier to the user to distinguish the 4/4 division.


On the start no sound will be played until you set the MIDI tones via the sequence slider or you put some bricks in the beat field.


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