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This has been an incredibly joyous project to work on.
Over the last month I have been working on several projects simultaneously.
This is a quick initial test of my Sh IBL / physically based rendering pipeline.
Many thanks to Alex Okita for taking the time out of his schedule to provide dirt maps and constant support at 2 am in the morning while I drained the blood from my eyes).

There are a number of artifacts that I intend on correcting in the next several months.
- Shadows.
- Ambient Occlusion. What the hell is the point behind SSAO? It is expensive and looks like poo.
Bring on the cone tracer! I totally think I have a few mb left to spare...
- Fresnel. Yuh. Frahnel.
- Uhh, depth geometry to mask particles for compositing. While this does result in some "cute" artifacts, there is some stuff in here that I would desperately like to be rid of.
- My fx system is aged and decrepit. I will take it out the back and shoot it on Monday so that I can start on a new one.


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