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IDNA is the first story from apelab’s «spatial storytelling» to be available for the public on iOS and Oculus Rift. The users of the app will discover a new map of the Earth by following different characters and plots evolving in a dystopian tale inspired by films such as Blade Runner (1982), Children of Men (2006) and animation films like Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984).

Each scene is designed on 360 degrees, to be explore however you want through the story. The audio is also spatialized, sensitive to the body's orientation.

In constant evolution, the story is never twice the same, wether you watch it at night or during the day. The story has branches: according to the user’s focus on certain angles or characters, the narrative may seamlessly take a different path

A free prologue of the series will soon reach the App Store. Get involved and help us shape an innovative experience, a great story, by an amazing team of artists and you!

Concept and creation by apelab
Interactive 3D sound design by Aprobado Studio


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