Rhetoric of Gender and Sexuality

This is the "Concept in 60 Seconds" video I made for DMAC 2011 (the Digital Media and Composition Summer Institute at Ohio State University).

We had about two days to make these, and they had to explain the concept of multimodality using audio and video from separate sources. All my footage comes from Archive.org

The video and audio clips I used mostly come from old movies, including some hilarious old educational movies for women, as well as a few old commercials. I used Stickies on my Mac to plan out my "storyboard" for the video, keeping notes on separate stickies for each of the modes I wanted to cover. To make the "girly" writing and "guy" writing, I used SnapzPro to record myself typing the messages in different fonts, at different speeds, then I used iMovie's "picture within picture" option to embed the "guy" writing into the "girly" writing clip.

Because I had a particular look I wanted for the titles that present each mode, I didn't use iMovie's Title feature. Instead, I made the title cards in Pixelmator (a much cheaper but very powerful alternative to Photoshop), using a blending technique to get the "grunge" effect and saving them as transparent PNG files, which I then added to the video clips using iMovie's "cutaway" option.

The most challenging part of the project was capturing everything I wanted to capture in only 60 seconds. My first draft was a little over two minutes, so I had to spend a lot of time cutting and then shaving off seconds here and there. I also sped up a few clips, possibly a bit too much.

By the end of the editing process, I was amazed at how "slow" a 5 second clip seemed to be, as most of them were only 2 or 3 seconds. Interesting insight into the modern attention span!

I've enjoyed seeing lots of remixes at conferences and in the JUMP journal, but I'd never made one. I'd never even tried layering audio and video content before, or working under such tight time constraints. So I learned a lot in the process! I now have all new appreciate for one of my favorite JUMP pieces: Wanna Be Starting Something

Tools used: iMovie '09, GarageBand '09, QuickTime X (for trimming), FLVCrunch (to extract MP3's out of videos), SnapzPro (screen recording), Pixelmator, and Stickies. (I was using a MacBook, but it's worth noting that these same kinds of tools are available for Windows PCs.)

j vimeo.com/24706473

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