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This is one of a few reels of 8mm film I received when I purchased an 8mm projector from craigslist. I have no information about anything in these films, I'm simply 'preserving' and sharing them. If anyone happens to know the people, places or events in this film (or the others to follow), please contact me.

0:09-0:16 What appears to be JFK in a motorcade (watch for a clip with slightly better detail)
0:16-0:34 A massive structure fire
0:34-1:49 Unknown baby
1:49-2:07 Party/family gathering
2:07-end More of the unknown baby

Raw files, converted from the original AVCHD files (AVCHD to DNxHD to H.264 for upload). Shot with Panasonic GH2 (Driftwood's Moon Trial 5 patch). No editing, grading or even cropping.


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