Panasonic GH2

This is the full version of the Juicy Jones music video "So Far From Home' including the prologue detailing a bit of goofy backstory. During its release the prologue was actually released separately, leading up to the release of the actual video, but this is how it was originally thought out, as one long video.

The video was filmed with a lot of help, more than any other project I worked on. Over a dozen of extras were hired for the day and local retro-styled clothing stores donated the clothes to style everyone so beautifully. But probably the most help we had during the shoot was of the sun. Incredibly it literally was the last real day of summer (we shot medio-september) and we didn't have such a bright and sunny day for weeks before or after.

As always I filmed with my Voigtlander attached on my GH2, stuck on an ND-Filter and gratuitously used shallow depth of field and light flares and refractions to really push for the sunny-summer-afternoon vibe. Filming everything in 50fps provided me with the slow motion to really dream it up and make the whole thing so smooth.

It's interesting to compare this video to my first Juicy Jones video 'I Wonder',
You'll see the difference in gear (I used an HMC-151 back then) but especially in style. Back then Juicy Jones was still a very young and forming group of musicians and the smooth disco-funk-pop style for which they are now known wasn't as clear back then. Thus the video was also far from the funky-happy-smooth vibe that we now aimed for with 'So Far From Home'.


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