Passionate about GH3 and GH4

A compilation of all my projects over the course of 2012 and the first months of 2013.
Titles Include:
1.) "Wanted Salvation" - A short film about a wanted criminal who defends a sheriff and is granted his freedom.
2.) "Moving" - A 16mm short film about a couple struggling to move out when they discover a miscellaneous moving box that helps them reminisce on their past.
3.) "Damaged" - A documentary about a professional paintball player recovering from leukemia.
4.) "Bran Muffin" - A short buddy love film about two best friends who juxtapose one another but always have each others back.
5.) "What Stays the Same" - A short post apocalyptic film about a girl who attempts to find her past.
6.) "Alternate Me" - A feature film promotional video about a lethargic stand up comedian who is granted a wish to see what his life could have been.
7.) "Petit Succés" - A struggling street artist rediscovers his passion through the unlikely romance of his competitor. - Shot entirely in Cannes, France.


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