Passionate about GH3 and GH4

testing the Panasonic Gh4 camera with a few lenses lit only with a candle. This is not a scientific test just out of curiosity on low light with Gh4. the Speedbooster was $107 (now $110) and it does the job. It did increase a stop of light.

First with the Panasonic 20mm F1.7 lens
2nd was with the Canon 50mm F1.8 II lens with a generic EF to M43 speedbooster
3rd was with the Pentak 40mm F2 lens with an EF Adapter and the generic EF to M43 speedbooster

tested from ISO 400 to ISO 6400. It seems my Pentak lens has fog in it, so I think that lens is a goner...
Shot with 4k Cinema-D, edited on Premiere Pro CS6 1080 timeline (scale to fit) and exported as a 1080 24p h264 file as it would for online viewing.

Speedbooster link:

As a filmmaker, director, and editor, I always want to know what is the 'boundary' I can push my DP to give me the image/look/style I am looking for. So I do these tests to learn to better myself.


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