The Global Art Of Perseverance

Immediately upon my introduction with Mary Wellington, I sensed the deep warmth and infinite capacity of love the petite woman was capable of distributing. Her smile shone brighter than the light of a thousand suns and was not one to shy away from intimate and meaningful embraces. Her PhD in Economic Child Development at Ohio State University and teaching experience within the department of Home Sciences reflects Wellingtons thirst for knowledge and unyielding drive to fulfill her pursuits.

Mary Wellington is the proud host of four promising children in Jaipur, Rajasthan. One of whom is 10-year-old Kuldeep, whom Wellington foresaw to have vast potential in a disadvantaged household. Kuldeep was raised in a small village outside of Jaipur with little financial means to pursue his dreams of attending school. His mother suffered from an impairment in her legs, while his father practiced the life of a priest in a temple, inquiring little means for Kuldeep’s academic future. Wellington’s requests were granted when Baal Dan agreed to financially support Kuldeep’s academic well being by permitting him to move to the city and attend the esteemed school system in Jaipur. Wellington also hosts the three Roberts’ sisters, Christina, Veronica, and Yashika, who can now pursue education in the city after the loss of their father. Through Baal Dan’s efforts to raise proceeds from all over the world, 10,000 rupees a month (200 US dollars) are provided for Wellington’s household. These donations allow the young adults to pursue a prestigious academic life by paying for school fees, clothing, shoes, supplies and books.

Mary Wellington's drive to help children in need has certainly not subsided. She is currently advocating for Mahima to be sponsored by Baal Dan in order for her to attend All Saints Church School. The children currently under Wellington's care have proven her intuition to be accurate through the apparent inner drive each of the children possess to do well in school. One of the Roberts sisters, Christina, plans to continue on with her education after the twelfth grade into the field of nursing. All of the children displayed a deep sense of gratitude for all that Baal Dan has provided for them by giving them the opportunity to fulfill their deepest desires to learn and grow.

Story/Video editing: Paige Alexis Walters
Music: The Mountain by Trevor Hall


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