Geometric Modeling and Scientific Visualization Center

A collection of works being shown at SIGGRAPH 2010 presentations by Geometric Modeling & Scientific Visualization Research Center at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.

The presentation includes the following works:

1) "Multi-sided Attribute Based Modeling" by Dr. Alyn Rockwood and collaborators

2) "Shadows Scattering," "High-Quality Multimodal Volume Rendering for Preoperative Planning of Neurosurgical Interventions," "Interactive Volume Exploration for Feature Detection and Quantification in Industrial CT Data," and "Prospective Isosurface and Direct Volume Rendering for Virtual Endoscopy Applications," by Dr. Markus Hadwiger and collaborators

3) "RepFinder: Finding Approximately Repeated Scene Elements for Image Editing" and "Illustrating How Mechanical Assemblies Work" by Dr. Niloy J Mitra and collaborators

4) "Paneling Architecture Freeform Surfaces" and "Architectural Geometry" by Dr. Helmut Pottman and collaborators


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