Houdini - Go Procedural

Recently published a tutorial on this with cmiVFX - cmivfx.com/store/601-houdini+fluid+dynamic+pipelines

I have been on this project for quite a while now. The main idea was to get familiar with workflows of Flip Fluids. It was a big challenge for me as I have never used liquids in CG to this extent before. Got to learn a lot and once again, hands down to Houdini for the flexibility it provided me for this project.

Everything was done on a single machine so it was quite slow to simulate and render. All the layers were comped in Nuke later on.

Flip Tank - 145 x 80 x 145
Particle Count - 49 Millions
Foam Count - 36.3 Millions
Meshing - VDB Tools
Renderer - Mantra

Special thanks goes to Farid TGV, Igor Zanic and Ankit Pruthi for some very useful tips all along.

j vimeo.com/90581670

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