Gülay Princess & The Ensemble Aras

melody by Teoman Alpay, lyrics by Türkan Şoray, arranged by Josef Wolfgang Olt.

Bitter Pain ( Buruk Acı )

To live in foreign places is like an arrow to me
everything seems to be strange.
Life is like a big building
and pain became its leaseholder inside of it.

To love became a dream of horror
and lonelyness an endless grief.
I'm knocking at the doors
but encountering bitter pain.

All the years are still in my heart
but not even one time dawn has broken.
What kind of never ending sadness is this?
Why did it not come to an end yet?

To love...

There is a cut in my soul
from where wells out my blood.
The bitter pain in my heart
is burning in flames.

To love...


recorded 1st February 2011 at The Turkish Embassy to Austria in Vienna

j vimeo.com/31674763

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