Hereford College of Arts: Film & Screen Media

Men Can’t Make Beds is the story of a young man named Jay and his battle with the bed sheets. Whilst left with the hefty task of making the bed with fresh sheets, Jay discovers a portal inside his duvet cover…Taking him on a bizarre journey with no clear way home.

This short slapstick science-fiction adventure comedy film (or SLAP-SCI-FI-AD-COM) will be shopped around short film festivals and comedy film festivals around the UK and potentially internationally.

Men Can’t Make Beds is very akin to an animated film, largely targeting children as its audience, though something that adults could enjoy also. Pixar short films were a key influence when designing the tone of the film.

Lawrence Russell brought an incredible degree of fun to the performance of Jay, basing his character on Stan Laurel, Mr Bean and many cartoon characters too.


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