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Trendbeheer is Hollands biggest artblog with around 3200 visitors per day. Jeroen Bosch and Niels Post are the main men behind the Blog.
Both artists themselves and early birds in the world of internet. You might know Jeroen from one of Hollands first blogs Alt 0169.

We met them in their workspaces and had a talk about their work, the blog and the events they host like Tendbeheer Presenteert and Rotterdam VHS Festival.

Check trendbeheer.com

Director and edit: Jorrit Spoelstra photoboothworks.com
Camera and sound: Nanko Goeting nanko.info
Leader: Sieger Duinkerken siedui.nl
Leader sound: Henk Jelle de Groot anycolouryoulike.nl
Subtitling: Einion einion.nl/
Color Grading: Terence Roumimper at Het Raam Digital Cinema hetraam.nl

j vimeo.com/5003404

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