This was my first outing with the 5D MkII - it was shot for use in a 'Car Tech' piece on CNET.co.uk.

Car Tech has it's own style and editor, and the 5D footage wasn't used in quite the way I'd thought it might be, so I wanted to have a crack at editing a little impression piece using the 5D footage I shot mixed in with some of the voice over that was used in the main piece.

What little grading there is was done in After Effects, which I also used for the slow motion effect. It's definitely not as sexy as shooting at a higher frame rate and using the 'overcrank' method in Cinema Tools, but I'm fairly happy with how it's come out.

A friend also put me onto a Final Cut Pro plugin called SmoothCam, which helped to iron out some of the kinks and nudges from the Glidetrack footage. If you watch the previous Aston Martin video on my vimeo stream, you'll see what the tracking shots looked like without using this plugin. The difference is subtle but definitely noticeable, I think. Unfortunately it does some slightly dodgy things to the way the footage looks - it comes out looking slightly interlaced when you view it at full HD - which isn't ideal, but as long as I'm producing only for the web it's not a problem.

I used a Glidetrack - glidetrack.com - for the tracking shots, and two lenses; a Sigma 50mm f1.4 and a Canon 24-105mm f4.0.

j vimeo.com/6626568

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