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This film has quite the history. "Waiting" was originally a 30-40 minute short film entitled "The Ornament" which I shot almost a year and a half ago. Unfortunately, as most things in film, things never went to plan. Everything from a random life events, to a busy schedule, to simply the fact that the film wasn't coming together like I had envisioned. Approximately only 25% of the film was shot so editing anything close to what I had envisioned for "The Ornament" wasn't anywhere near possible. So instead of just letting the footage collect dust on my hard drive, I decided to cut the footage together and see if I could come up with anything that would resemble a narrative. I had to get really artsy with the editing but overall, I had a great time cutting this piece together. I thought of it as an "editing exercise" or "challenge". Took me 3 days. I hope you guys enjoy this somewhat experimental romantic love story.

PS: This project also features the debut of my new production logo! Woo!

j vimeo.com/2964348

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