HD Technical Diving Videos

This is the first and to this day the only video of the U 768 wreck.
The German II WW submarine wreck U 768 was found on 29.10.2011 by Wojciech Jechna from Bałtycka Baza Nurkowa LITORAL. The first two dives were made by Wojciech Jechna & Dimitris Stavrakakis on 20.10.2012 and 28.11.2012. The video was made during this two dives by Wojciech Jechna & Dimitris Stavrakakis. Video editing and montage was made by Daniel Pastwa.
Final identification of the wreck was made in January 2013 by Daniel Pastwa, after a thorough research and consulting with U-Boot Archive in Cuxhaven.
The movie is quite dark, but it's the only suitable video shooting of this wreck made so far.
The movie was made as a recognition and identification video so excuse us it's length (15 minutes).

j vimeo.com/70942465

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