HD Extreme Sports

In Long Distance outrigger Canoe racing Paddlers will jump out of the canoe while the fresh paddler waits in the water untill the canoe approches. Getting out of the canoe is easy! (JUMP) getting in the canoe requires split second timing and the ability to do a fast pull up dip and kick with the feet. All of that and the canoe is racing at you at speeds of 8 to 14 miles an hour.

The go pro is a res of 512x384 pixels and is an aspect ratio of 4x3 so it is much smaller than Dv res. Hd for web is 1280x720 so I used a software that helps both stretch and scale the image to into a 720p frame. Yes that is who you think it climbing into seat 3

j vimeo.com/5691115

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