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5th installment to my online surf DVD Taranaki Terror Four. Fitzroy Beach, the most well known beach in Taranaki. As a result it can get rather busy. Surfer's fading each other, barrels fading surfers, crew fading their jobs, groms fading school.. But its not always busy, you can definitely fade the crowds sometimes and have quiet sessions too.

Some of the surfers featuring include: Jarred Hancox, Jordan Barnes, Mathis Smith, Luke (or Nick) Herdson, Hamish Bowling, Tom Smith, Sean Kettle, Conan James, and Bachelor Tipene. Be sure to see Bach's sick pig dog bazza at the end of the clip!

Music is by an American band "Mower". The song - "Faded". Met one of the band members in G-Land and he hooked me up with his band's music to use. Thanks!

j vimeo.com/73757723

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