The de-noised & graded 2.35 aspect version of this clip is now here: vimeo.com/10538034
This is a quick edit of some footage shot in Melbourne last night (23rd March 2010) on my 5DmkII with an October19 to EOS mount. It was shot by Me and Steve Morton (Cinemods.com), assisted by Tim Morton & Shaun Newcombe.

The anamorphic lenses were provided by Steve and ranged from the rare ultra-wide 22mm f2 (T 2.4) to a 100mm f2.8 (T 3.2) . Also 35mm & 75mm.

It's a pretty rough edit. NO GRADING at all, but a small amount of sharpening. I'm uploading it in this state to stimulate discussion about the viability of anamorphic glass on DSLRs. Some shots appear quite soft in parts, but that's the point of testing.

I'll upload a graded 1:2.35 version in the next week.

Music track is "The Boys II" by The Necks from the motion picture "The Boys"

j vimeo.com/10400324

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