Did this 2 hour shoot yesterday with my friends Daniel Blasko.
Trying out my new EX1. I love this camera, the pictures your getting out of it are amazing! However this is no point and shoot camera. With the shitty weather in Gothenburg (Sweden) we decided to prove that you can skate in Sweden in the winter even if this means you´ll have to clean and dry the whole skatepark by hand. It was 1C outside and been raining all night and morning so atleast we could be alone in the park ;)
This camera has amazing DOF for a videocamera and you will see some of the shoots were im far from the rider and still maintains DOF. The PP of the video was created from scratch by me even if I took some inspiration from the Philip Bloom profile.

The location is the new built action park in central Gothenburg, the whole thing is shoot during 2 hours in a February afternoon. All colors and everything you see in this flick is done in camera, no post CC or slowmotion. Did manage to totaly f-up on the shutterspeed. But hey.. it was ment as a test for the camera, better now than on location.

Tried to mix all formats in this project, 1080p25, 1080p24, 720p24/60fps and 720p25/60fps. The timeline in FCP is set at 1080p24.

The timeline is exported via MPX-file and converted to H.264 HD for Vimeoupload via Episode. (Saw in test that a ProRes422-file export gave alot warmer colors but I wanted to show the real camera picture since it is just amazing!) Out of the 1,3GB MPX originalfile this is the encoded 148mb version so there is alot of loss in picture quality.

Hope you find it intresting and the info above helps you in some way.

More on my project will be released at skullfilms.se

More about this camera and were to buy can be found at scandinavianphoto.se


j vimeo.com/3132232

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