The Faber App displays information about the use of a gasfire and can also be used as a remote control. There’s a variety of capabilities of the operation system. The flames can be adjusted higher or lower with the new remote control but also with a smartphone, tablet or PC.

From a distance the patented Step Burner mode can be selected. The burner will also give a beautiful image when less heat is required. With the eco and eco + mode modulating flames can be activated. These modes allow a self adjustable modulating flames picture: an energy-saving and eco-friendly solution in 2 modes.

In the thermostat mode the fireplace will keep the desired temperature. Notifications will be received when your appliance needs service and/or whether there are any disruptions. In the statistics the usage is clearly displayed.

The App provides detailed information on the gasfire, retailer and manufacturer. Only press one button for e-mailing or calling your contactperson. All the personal preferences can be selected in the settings-menu. Along with the new luxury remote control this App can be used for even more pleasure of the Faber gasfire.

For additional information or to find a retailer in your area look at faberfires.com or for England faberfireplaces.co.uk

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