Taking the new Vinten Vision blue3 tripod and blueBridge out for a spin in Amsterdam!
Full review: derrannl.blogspot.com/2013/03/vinten-vision-blue3-and-bluebridge.html

Many thanks to Peter Harman and Andrew Butler from Vinten for making this video & review possible and Vinten UK for supplying the Vb3 and blueBridge.

More information:

_ "Vision blue3 Plays a Starring Role in Derran Rootrings film": vinten.com/en/node/8295/news/33098
_ Vinten Vision blue3 product information: vinten.com/en/product/vision-blue3
_ Vinten blueBridge product information: vinten.com/en/product/vision-bluebridge-camera-accessory-vision-blue-systems
_ Complete Vinten Vision blue range: vinten.com/en/vision-blue-range

Buy the Vinten Vision blue3 (VB3-AP2F) with Floor Spreader and case:

j vimeo.com/63436489

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