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The project is a research and demonstration project of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the research program "Research for the Sustainable Development of Megacities of Tomorrow - Energy- and Climate-Efficient Structures in Urban Growth Centres" of the Federal Republic of Germany.

More Informations about the project can be found here future-megacities.org or here urumqi-drylandmegacity.uni-hd.de/
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Resource Efficiency in Urumqi, China

1. Challenge
• Rapid growth of population and spatial extension in an ecologically sensitive environment due to rapid industrialisation
• Harsh climatic conditions with very cold winters and hot summers
• Cheap coal fired energy production pollutes the air to a dramatic extent
• Modern production and consumption patterns are increasing and diversifying waste production
• Growing demand of scarce water resources in a semi-arid environment

2. Objective
To promote a more efficient use of scarce and polluting resources (energy, water, waste) in order to decrease the environmental impacts of urbanisation in a semi-arid climate.

3. Solutions
• Construction of the first passive house in Western China
• Extra low-energy renovation of existing buildings
• Development of a Waste Management Software for enterprises in Midong Industrial Park, covering all kinds of waste
• Hydrological analyses and modelling, advice on water information management for political decision-makers in Urumqi Region
• Mass and energy flow analysis in the Chinese PVC industry
• Capacity building for a soil moisture based measurement methodology (Ground Penetrating Radar) as a basis for modelling climate change

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