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Directed by ZhongTV's 22K and produced by Clams Casino.

Me Against the World - AL ROCCO
Me Against the World - AL ROCCO
Me Against the World - AL ROCCO

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Ro - double C and I'm running through running with the heat,
I'm fucking you, and fuck ya bitch, and fuck ya crew, now whats the D,
you want the D, i am the one, motherfucker know i am the sun,
pussy motherfucker with a gun, life is short before its done,
before its done, homie imma run around the world and back,
while i get this paper stacked, counting through like I'm on crack,
I'm on that, I'm on one, middle finger to the sun,
middle finger to the moon and fuck this world before its done.

Fuck the world is all i know, doing me while i do these hoes,
doing me while i dig these gold from nothing i rise with what i know,
life is cold, could be hot, feeling like jordan this my shot,
like a virgin imma pop, killing shit on the dot,
on the dot, imma rise, buddha armed this my shine,
this my time, this my life imma light this up one more time,
one more time with this life live it to the fullest I,
middle fingers in the air and watch me do this fucking like.


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