Hong Kong

Byron Chan 2012

1997 is a single channel looped piece that raises questions about ongoing political issues in Hong Kong, China from 1997 onwards. After the first Opium War ended in 1842, the British Empire claimed Hong Kong. Since then, Hong Kong has become one of the most diverse cities in the world. China eventually resumed control of the land in 1997. However, change in government control resulted in chaos among the people. Most Hong Kong citizens believed that if China resumed control of their land, that they would begin to lose transparency of media and of government operations. 1997 depicts the mind-set of the people throughout that time period. I am among the last generation to witness this transformation. As the years go by, and as China continues to govern the region, the cultural diversity that has come to exemplify Hong Kong is slowly degrading.

1997 has been exhibited internationally, including Canada’s Toronto International Film Festival, the United States’ Brooklyn Microscope Gallery, and China’s Tien Chi Gallery.

j vimeo.com/51966724

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