Four members of the Hope of the Amazon Audiovisual team work collaborate through action research for the Peruvian national strategy Social Action with Sustainability held in the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations with the support of the Navy Seals and the US Embassy. This journal reflects their personal learning and do not represent a political view of our program or organisation.

Marite Schoof and Brittany Gamarra are the only members of our team. A participant of our team was de-authorised of the Hope of the Amazon Program due to destructive behaviour. Apparently this person mobilised his two younger colleagues towards a resignation. How many young professionals fall into a charismatic leader and loose opportunities of learning and growth without the exercise inquiry? How many times gossips are used in organisations against their purpose? How many times people forget to test fantasy with reality? Hypothesis with evidences and facts? Follow us down south by the river in a journey to make sense and discern meaning.


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