ICMA - International Computer Music Association

Mobile Phone Choir is an ubiquitous voice synthesis application that is demonstrated at CHI Interactivity 2011 (Vancouver, BC). Authors : Nicolas d'Alessandro, Robert Pritchard, Johnty Wang and Sidney Fels, Media and Graphics Interdisciplinary Centre, University of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC). Thanks to Roberto, Mike, Bruno, Vincent, Yichen and Robin for helping us with putting this performance video together.

Ubiquitous voice allows a group of players to harmonize with the latest voice synthesis techniques. Our voice synthesis advances beyond the usual Text-to-Speech synthesis to provide a new ubiquitous model applied to voice synthesis. In our latest mobile version, we use an ensemble of self-contained mobile phones capable of generating voice when played with a touch interface. Another mobile device is controlled by the conductor to provide key changes while the ensemble can modulate expressive voice within the key.Together, they collaborate to make harmonic voice synthesis in real-time providing an intimate, aural experience.

j vimeo.com/23427137

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