Ideas and Inspiration

I had a terrible jet lag during incredible ReFrame collective, San Francisco, flying from Moscow. Would crash at 8 pm, (that's why many of fellow wedding filmmakers were wondering why I've never been seen at a late time, parties, etc. Sorry:)
... waking up 3am in the morning, thinking of a storytelling, "what and how"
This piece was shot around 5-6 am, on the streets close to the Clift hotel, the magic of this early hours, wanted to find out about characters of the people on the streets.
Rob Bagot, thank you so much for helping me, with light and audio. shot on Canon 7D. The shot of the bridge took a night before, sharing a car with awesome fellow filmmakers Sage Hall and Joe Simon. Music by the Art of Noise.
..a quick edit, possibly need to do some C.C.
Appreciate feedback!


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