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Rising Towards the Light, Acrobatic Performance


[From press release:]
"2 piano strings, 4 stirrups, 2 massive hooks, 1 balcony, 7 musicians, 2 assistants, 1 sound technicians, 6 bows, 6 beaters, 8 contact mikes, 3 mixers, 1 security belt, 1 helmut, 1 pair of protective goggles, 1 security matrass, 1 lamp

This will be a risk taking and I'm not sure I will succeed.

Two piano strings across the hall of Fylkingen form a rickety rail on which I will attempt to climb along with the aid of stirrups from one side on floor level to the other in balcony level. Six musicians play the free string lengths.

This is a development from my Stringed Stirrups but far more difficult. But if nothing else, the piece will largely consist of the struggle for succeeding. Once again, it will be about walking the tightrope in a musical balance act.

This will happen at:

LJUSFEST, Fylkingen"

String musicians: Sören Runolf, Lise-Lotte Norelius, Robin McGinley, Katt Hernandez
1 on balcony Katt
1 on the floor by the wall L-L
2 following me while climbing, playing string parts between hands and feet Sören, Robin
Assistant 1.: Johan Lindvall
- Pulling security rope to keep it stretched as I approach the balcony
Assistant 2. (could possibly be one of the central string musicians): Sybrig Dokter
- Following after with the mixer with the cables from the stirrups, keeping out of trouble
Assistant 3.: Joakim Roséen - Sound technician
Filmed by Joakim Roséen.
More about it:


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