Indian Wedding Photography

Shiena and Jay met in residency over on the east coast. She had always heard a rumor about the tall, buff Indian guy at a gym near the hospital. He always heard about the Indian chick who was a fitness model. They never crossed paths for 3 months in either the gym or hospital. Shiena thought the front desk gym boys didnt know what they were talking about. Then one night their eyes met in Synergy Fitness dungeon like weight room. She was doing Lat pull downs and he was doing chest. It was a match made in Desi meathead heaven.

The wedding day had two separate ceremonies; a Sikh ceremony and a Hindu ceremony, which was a first for us.. We started off the day in the Oakland Hills at a residence that the couple had rented for the reception and for their family for the week. The view was absolutely spectacular! I coined the term after seeing the view as "The Five Bridge View" because you could see all five bridges over the bay on a clear day. Then over to the El Sobrante Gurdwara for the Sikh ceremony and then back to the Oakland Hills for the Hindu ceremony.

It was a new format for us to incorporate portions of a Love Story Video into a Next Day Edit, and we were really happy with the outcome. We showed the Next Day Edit at the reception the next day and everyone was completely blown away!


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