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Gettin' Some is an ambitious no budget feature film shot in Nottingham. With a large ensemble cast and its wide array of filming locations across the city Gettin' Some is an impressively ambitious and entertaining film which transcends its less than miniscule budget.

The film follows two groups of friends as their lives and relationships (or lack of) intersect over a week...

Vince isn't gettin' some as his girlfriend Claire has just split up with him.

Alex isn't gettin' some and has decided to try her luck with a dating agency.

Quinn isn't gettin' some as he's obsessed with one particular girl but lacks the courage to finally speak to her.

Cat and Ash can't remember the last time they were gettin' some and it looks like their relationship is finally coming to an end.

Ethan is gettin' some with Helen...who unfortunately has long been gettin' some with Ross.

Not to mention their other friends, those odd random people who turn up at the most inopportune times, bitter rants against life and love, mistaken names and the genius of Rod Stewart's musical oeuvre.

You can find out more about the film at


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