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BAPTISM is an action thriller feature film based on the critically acclaimed novel by Max Kinnings being produced by my production company The Philm Company (

We've produced a series of "spec trailers" in order to present them to distributors starting in Cannes 2013 and begin to raise the funding for the full length feature film. A more conventional trailer cut will follow in a few weeks which features multiple scenes from the screenplay/novel. We'll also release an extended 7 minute version. I directed and cut the films.

The trailers were shot on the Red Epic using anamorphic lenses over four days. It was important to really give a flavour of the novel and we managed to pull off what was a rather ambitious undertaking for a spec trailer involving a tube train, underground tunnels, kids, guns, fire/explosions, an underwater shoot and even CGI. It was really important to me to do the novel - and the genre - justice. I didn't want the spec trailers to look low budget and, I hope, they do look like we've actually shot the whole movie!

Plot: An armed group take control of a rush hour underground tube train. They blow a hole through the tunnel to release the water from an underground river they believe is blessed and will baptise the passengers of their sins. Ed Mallory, a blind hostage negotiator, has a race against time to try and talk down the hostage takers and save the lives of everyone onboard.

If you like this trailer please support the film and "like" us on Every like helps. The novel is also available in bookstores and on Amazon. It's a gripping read The Times described as "a tense blockbuster".

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and please do share the video if you like it!

Director/Editor: Phil Hawkins | Producer: Alexandra Baranska | DoP: Ed Moore
Full credits are available at


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