The Best Indie Filmmakers

The teaser trailer for my newest short film, The Epilogue!

Plot: "Joel", a criminal in his former life, wakes up in the middle of nowhere. He is told that he is in heaven but doesn't buy. What follows is a journey through Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory, but will learn the hard way that the sins of the past aren't done with you in death.

Written + Directed by: Casey de Fremery


Gary Nohealii
Angela Noriega
Ray Medved
Ernie Cheatum
William Gochez
Daniel Valent
Ryan Gallardo

Cinematography by: Brandon Fraley

AD: Kurtis Lee Hermes

VFX: David Sotomayor

Sound Design: Courtney Ballardo

Adapted from the animated short film "Fifty Percent Grey" by Ruairi Robinson


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