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This is the video I made for my Kickstarter of St. Chicken.

"St. Chicken" is a unique and innovative game for iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC where you’ll play as a lost pet guppy with special healing powers. Controlling St. Chicken, players spawn, nourish and protect a school of offspring, guiding them through a series of lakes and estuaries, in search of lost, sacred aquarium relics. Players unlock levels by spawning as many baby guppies (fry) as possible.

To spawn offspring, St. Chicken needs to eat nutrients from food in the water. Once St. Chicken eats enough food, a baby guppy is born. Throughout the game the player will spawn hundreds of offspring, and use St. Chicken to shepherd them through the perils of the wild- to safety. The fry are dependent on St. Chicken for nourishment and guidance.

St. Chicken Features:

Stylized underwater worlds

100s of baby guppies to spawn, protect and guide

Free-play mode

8-bit mode

Original soundtrack

I love videogames and there is more that can be done with the art-form. Great interactive experiences don’t require eye-candy 3D graphics or movie tie-ins. My goal as a designer is to create great experiences and gameplay propelled by fresh and creative themes and styles.

St. Chicken has a unique game-mechanic and story that I hope will make a great game. Thanks for checking it out.

Marc Wilhelm
Game Designer


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