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'They're not going to be pushed around any more'

See what happens when neglected shopping trolleys become feral and crave human flesh...
One night, in an area of London with a higher than average supermarket saturation, various bystanders fight to survive an onslaught of killer carts. Amongst them, a traffic cone wielding alkie, a lecherous photographer snapping trolley sex, a machine-gun toting vigilante, a night-shift office drone, and a stressed-out trolley attendant who knows their weakness...
Who will survive?

Featuring Music & Trolley Vocals by Dissolved. Buy his album 'Snowy Psychoplasmics' via Daddytank Records! -
Also peruse many other fine musical (and photographic) works by Dissolved at

Written, Directed, Shot and Cut by Anthony Carpendale.
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Visual FX by Dave Packer @ Sheep Films –

Featuring :
Oliver Wright as The Trolley Attendant
Kevin Keohane as The Gunman
Ryan Kerr as The Alkie
Terence Drew as The Photographer
Lisa Carpendale as The Garden Food
Darren Carrington as The Office Drone

Shot on a JVC Everio GZ HD7 and Canon 550D (t2i Rebel) DSLR, on location in London and Brighton between 2008 & 2011.

Trolley Wranglers and Special Thanks -

Helen Dunleavy –
Lisa Reynolds –
Nazare Soares -
Dave Pearce
Catherine Bell
The Cast


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