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This short was filmed at the Foodbarn restaurant in Noordhoek. One Sunday service Franck invited me into his kitchen to film. An idea took hold as the editing started - here was a topic I was born into... ok getting ahead of myself, let me explain. My mother had restaurants, my farther had a restaurants and my sister had a restaurant - it was kind off in the family - we love our food.

So with Franck I had a unique opportunity to express my vision in food and film with an extremely talented chef whom has become a great friend; Franck Dangereux.

I hope these films can give a little insight into the man, his story and of course the fantastic food that has been our inspiration. Thanks for feeding us Franck.

The audio track was an interview that I did with Franck in his Landie parked just outside his restaurant kitchen before service.

Fast forward two weeks, many sleepless nights editing and the Sunday treatment was born.

What I love is the frenetic pace of the kitchen, the heat, the people and all that delicious food.

Happy Cooking | touchfood


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