Independent Filmmakers

The Art Film Collage is inspired by concepts of dance, theatre and design. It is a series of short films exploring & experimenting with symbolism, expressionism and their interaction with architecture.

Beyond the Mask, the first installation of the The Art Film Collage, explores the relative topic of relationships through movement and words in an absolute space defined by straight lines and curves. The absolute is love. The relative is what we experience as we seek love... the many emotions and feelings we encounter, digest and, undoubtedly, experience...

In this chapter, a young lover whimsically expresses, through dance, her emotions and feelings in dealing with her first love. She's quirky and naive. She wishes to leave him but feels limited by the absolute space (love) so she stays and seeks to embrace it and perhaps conquer it.

Cinematography, Direction & Editing
Myles Kwesi Hutchful

Choreography & Dancing
Tarren Johnson

Music: Juste Quelqu'un De Bien by Enzo Enzo


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