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"American Odyssey", directed by Raymond Chu, is a colorful psychedelic adventure starring George and Marcia Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola before they became the icons they are today; a story about following your bliss, taking risks, and the filmmaker's unending quest for inspiration.
Using a collage of techniques from different iconic cinematic periods, "American Odyssey" dissects and blends the emotional and cinematic origins of childhood adventure fantasies.

Premiered May 17th, 2014 at the SOHO International Film Festival
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In 1971, a young and angst-filled George Lucas (Zach Lasry) learns to follow his bliss in this stylish surrealist dream, spanning the great influences of American epic cinema.
George Lucas struggles to find inspiration after the disappointing reception of his first film, THX 1138. His directing mentor Francis Ford Coppola (John Jalandoni) and friend Steven Spielberg (Benjamin Michaels) surprise George on his birthday, armed with a holistic remedy to take him on a psychedelic spiritual journey through his imagination.

Freud's "Interpretation of Dreams"
Condensation: the dream's tendency to combine several themes into one dream symbol. In this way the symbol can stand for several different thoughts, feelings, wishes, ideas.

  Learning more about the real stories behind these great directors and their masterpieces, which I have never known the world without, I realized how easy it is to forget that they were at one point just guys; cinephile buddies reminiscing about the stories that inspired them as children, and as adults, engaging in the philosophies and lifestyle of the late 60s counterculture of San Francisco, with no idea where their lives would take them; when Star Wars and all of the memorable dialogue and designs were still drafts away from existence.

     To celebrate George Lucas’ 70th birthday, and his accomplishments and contributions to American cinema and culture, AMERICAN ODYSSEY attempts to bring George Lucas’ story back to his art house cinema roots.

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