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A 61 minute music driven mini feature / bloaty short, finished in 2001. I made this instead of going to film school, for approx £500, shot on a Sony PD100 in and around Northampton and Birmingham.

A blog about the making of the film is here -

The film screened to a packed house at Hoxton Hall, London in 2002, and to an empty house in SciencePlusFiction Festival Trieste, Italy, 2003.

It's a bit of a failed experiment in building a narrative around a soundtrack, but there's a great electronica score featuring artists from the TEFOSAV collective and beyond, as well as some effective audio-visual sequences.
Most of the composers are still putting out music (links below), but there's little remaining of the original collective online now, sadly, apart from this Facebook group - and this Soundcloud - and this info wiki -

I was planning to hack Autopilot down to a more digestible 15 mins, but never got round to it, so here's the full enchilada.

The film:

Two days in the life of Alex DeMello - a narcissistic, drugged-up wannabe yuppie - who sets out to uncover the sinister secrets of his demonic company superiors, but ends up losing his briefcase, his car, his friends, and his mind...

During his trip across the bad side of the city, Alex stumbles across car-wrecking psychopaths, all-seeing telephone operators, a knife-wielding skate-boarder, and finally his indestructible corporate rival - The Man.

A dark, dream-like psychological thriller about urban paranoia, yuppie greed, corporate manipulation, mind-altering substances, sex, death, betrayal, and a cuddly toy called Mr Buttons.

Achieve Synergy.

The Cast:

Seth Hardwick as Alex
Martin Armstrong as Nigel
Selena Gardner as Clarissa
Angela Kay as Elizabeth
Lennah Seelig as Karen
Damian McCarlie as The Man
Jimmy Cheng and Willy Nelson as Wreckers
Chris Moore as Little Brother
Simon Hull and Gareth Cook as MDs
Kate Oates and John Roddy as Innocent Bystanders

The Music:

Dissolved -
Digitonal -
Precenphix -
Elleinad -
Dog Latin -
Pro(xy) -
Darkroom -
Nautilis -
Damian McCarlie - ?
Robyn Wilder -
Canton -
Avery Strock -
Aphex Twin -

The Crew:

Seth Hardwick - Co-Producer
Anthony Bennett - Editor & Post-Production Sound Design
Eddie Haselden - Additional Editing
Sound Recordist - John Roddy
Make-Up Artist - Beki Laws
Assistant Directors - Damian McCarlie, Simon Hull, Gareth Cook
Production Design, Poster Art and Titles by Andrew Fiddy
Production Design and Storyboards - Elsa Faulkner
Production Assistant - Kate Oates
PR - Rosie Bilton


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